About Dividend Disciple


The focus of Dividend Disciple is on investing, but more broadly it’s about the journey of restoring financial sanity after a divorce. In 2015 I started the journey of rebuilding my financial life after the end of a 25-year marriage. The effects of the Great Recession and my subsequent divorce left me close to broke at the age of 53. Since that time, I’ve been working to accumulate assets for retirement, and have focused on dividend investing as the primary vehicle to accomplish that goal. I’m not a purist to be sure. You’ll see that I own a few stocks that don’t pay any dividend, but that I believe have great growth potential. Eventually those stocks will be converted to an income stream. I also have a number of stocks that do pay a dividend, but that have the potential for current income and future growth.

No matter where value is found, I’m trying to get, well, if not rich, at least financially self-sufficient. High-growth, or high-value, my goal is to build a portfolio that will reap dividends well into the future. So join me on the journey, and hopefully we can learn from each other.